About Us

JanGanMan is a large online portal that brings breaking and latest current news headlines from india on politics, sports and current affairs in india.

  • We proud to be a pioneer of credible news in India’s news world. JanGanMan has been at the forefront of every single news revolution. The website is being recognized for its in-depth, analytical reportage and hard hitting discussions on burning issues; without any bias or vested interests. We strive to be ‘First & Fastest’ in delivering news which makes a difference without any partiality.
It is most proud of how its work impacts the real world and how it is using its powerful reach to campaign for and with the people of India.

JanGanMan sustained campaigns against injustice and human rights violations have forced apathetic governments to act, legislation to be changed and made the nation aware of the power of the people. JanGanMan is Incisive and creative, the channels target the Indian with news that is credible, true and fast.

JanGanMan’s strength of understanding and delivering high-quality matter has not only rubbed off on our serious-minded institute—indeed, we carry the torch further by making a difference to the profession.

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